ECNR Registration Form

  • Instructions:

    • Please fill this form ONLY if -
    • i) You are travelling to any of the ECR countries for employment purpose within next 21 days.
    • ii) You have a valid Indian Passport, which is not stamped as 'Emigration Check Required'.
    • iii) You have a valid visa issued by destination country for travel.
    • Registration by any emigrant in eMigrate system by filling this form is not equivalent to getting Emigration Clearance from the Protector of Emigrants. Emigrants requiring Emigration Clearance from Protector of Emigrants shall not be allowed to travel to ECR countries by Bureau of Immigration (BoI) check posts located at Indian Airports on the basis of registration through this form.
    • In case you are not recruited through any registered Recruiting Agent but have directly negotiated/obtained Overseas Employment , leave Name of Registered Agent/Immigration Consultant/Agent in the Registration form blank.
    • Action may be taken against the person filling this form without having fulfilled the above criteria mentioned above.
    • Fields marked with * (asterisk) are mandatory.To avoid mistake(s), please refer guidelines and instructions.
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